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The camps and weekly rides our 10 year old has been able to do with Dirt Groms have
been beyond our expectations.  Michele and Alan do a great job of delivering solid skills
and safety training while balancing fun and adventure for the kids.  It's a lovely, warm
and welcoming group atmosphere.

Mike and Michi, parents

Our daughter loves Dirt Groms! Alan and Michele offer a nurturing, safe, no-pressure
environment for kids with an emphasis on skill development and fun. They take a
personal interest in each rider and provide regular progress reports. Under their
coaching our daughter has progressed from beginner to entry-level racer in a little more
than a year. We highly recommend Dirt Groms.

—Geoff Affleck & Lesley Young

I learned more in the last two hours than I have in a year of riding and other classes.
Thanks Michele.

- Happy participant

We love the Dirt Groms! Our son began mountain biking and now the whole family has
now taken up the sport. Our kids are building skills and relationships we're confident will
last a lifetime. We also appreciate that safety is put first - with fun following close

- R.W.

Dirt Groms is my daughters favourite activity. Michele has made her feel comfortable
and safe. My daughter says it’s lots of fun.

- A.A.

Dirt Groms has been an amazing experience for my son. He joined when he was 7, it is
the first club/sport he's ever been a member of and the first time he's ever done an
activity away from his parents. (impressively in the woods up a mountain!) He is a shy
child and prefers to stay close to his family. Because Mountain Biking is his strongest
passion and because Michele and Alan are such warm, fun, and kind coaches, my son
was able to bravely ride off with them into the trees. At first he felt nervous but after just
one ride with them he was entirely pumped and couldn't wait for the next week! Now he
rides twice a week and was even brave enough to join the evening ride in the dark! Dirt
Groms and the sport of Mountain Biking is a great opportunity for a child to be
immersed in the elements of nature, while expanding their ability to focus on safety ,and
increase their sense of independence. Joining Dirt Groms was exactly the initiation my
son needed during this age and he gained so much confidence and pride over his
riding improvements. I am so very thankful.


- F.R.

Michele and Alan Carr have created something truly special with the Dirt Groms
program.  Born out of an idea to get more kids into riding for their grandson to have

friends to ride with, the Dirt Groms program has since introduced countless youth to this
amazing sport.  They have created a safe and supportive environment for youth to get
outside, get off screens and get on the trails.  I have seen first hand how this program
has encouraged entire families to get out on mountain bikes together and explore our
amazing backyard.  I know many youth will have the passion for mountain biking they
have learned in the Dirt Groms program for the rest of their lives.  I cannot recommend
this program enough!

Looking forward to getting more kids on bikes now and into the future.
Matt Grossnickle 

Sales Manager, Cycle Therapy

We are so thankful for Michele and Alan, for their patience and knowledge

teaching these kids life lasting skills.  My son cannot wait for the next class! 


- Happy participant

Both my son and I have either been in clubs or taken lessons with Alan and Michele.

I would highly recommend them to anyone!

They are kind, patient and very knowledgeable. You won't be disappointed!


- H.M.

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