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Smoothies for Smooth Riding

With the start of the Race Team training coming up fast, we have been planning drills, workouts and scouting out new trails for the Team. Physical training is just one aspect of successful racing and nutrition is another essential part.

This past November, after watching a show called "Game Changer", Alan, Raymond and I decided to try a plant-based diet. We committed to trying it for 10 days and then see how we felt. At the end of the 10 days, both Alan and I felt an increase in our energy and a general feeling of well-being, so we decided to keep going on this diet. Raymond was also fine with continuing if he could "cheat" sometimes (and that's totally fine with us). What we were pleasantly surprised about was how many choices there are for plant-based foods! The transition has been much easier than we thought and we are having fun trying new recipes.

One important part of our diet is our daily smoothie and some of the group have noticed Alan and I enjoying our smoothie after coaching. After a workout, it's very important for muscle recovery to eat something healthy as soon as possible so we have a smoothie. (Raymond prefers to have his smoothie after breakfast and usually has an energy bar after his ride). Griffin, one of our advanced riders suggested we post our smoothie recipe so here it is:

  1. Almond or Oat milk (enough so the smoothie is not too thick)

  2. Banana

  3. One scoop of protein powder (Leanfit Organic Plant-Based Protein)

  4. One scoop of Collagen (Organic Enhanced Collagen Protein)

  5. One scoop of Greens (All Greens - Fresh & Raw Superfood)

  6. Frozen organic berries (strawberries/blueberries-try to choose different colours)

  7. A good squirt of lemon or lime juice (this stops the drink from turning brown)

  8. Mix well in a blender and add extra water if it's too thick.

We understand that a plant-based diet isn't for everyone but we will keep going as long as it works for us. Hope you enjoy our smoothie and we look forward to seeing the kids having one after a ride.

Michele & Mav at Whistler - Nutrition is so important to enable us to keep up to these fab kids!


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